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About me

Short Version: I was in a high school classroom for 33 years and loved just about every minute of it. But now I'm retired and am fulfilling the lifelong dream of being a legit songwriter. About two years ago, I finally started creating melodies to match the lyrics I'd been writing for 40 years. All those words, sitting lonely in a computer file folder, finally gaining life! Since then, a lot of really good musicians have helped me out with this project, and I'm forever in debt to them. 

I'm using gofundme to raise the money needed to get into a professional studio and finish Into the Flow. I'd be grateful if you could help out with a contribution.

Long Version: Music has been an important part of my life, and I’ve been writing lyrics for over 40 years. I always wanted to find a partner to write music for those lyrics and produce quality songs. I never found that person. But I did find a wonderful life partner and raise two great kids.

I also found that trying to be the best high school teacher possible was very rewarding; it was my life “mission,” so to speak, and took up most of my time for many years. I found that I could meld the two passions by incorporating music into my social studies classes. From listening to era-appropriate songs in class to singing Woody Guthrie tunes as we “moved west” out to the Hooverville shacks my students built by the back parking lot, to the protest songs we sang at the mock demonstrations we staged while studying the 1960s, music was always there.

Not surprisingly, my own songwriting took a back seat for most of my teaching and child-raising years. But having retired, the dream of being a legitimate songwriter has been rekindled. I’m too old to perform, but very much young enough to write songs! When I stopped telling myself that I needed other people to create melodies for my words, ideas started to flow, music started to flow, contact with good musicians started to flow, and my first album began to take shape.

Its title? “Into the Flow,” of course! To me, “the flow” is the energetic current of love and courage that has made life worth living during the thousands of years humans have been around. Amidst all of the violence, hatred, and cruelty, love and courage have kept us going and have slowly elevated humankind.

I’m really excited about sharing this music, and am hoping that you will consider helping me out. Making an album is an expensive endeavor. Studio time is very costly, and while some good musicians are working for free because they love music and believe in the project, I really want to start paying them.

It would mean the world to me if you could contribute any amount to this project. $5 or $10 will help; $20 or $25 will help more! $100 would by absolutely fabulous; and I hope that some of you who feel financially flush these days will consider becoming a major investor.

To get an idea of what you’re donating to, we’ve finished four rough demos that you can listen to here and the contribution sites. You’ll find that these four tunes reflect a few of the varying styles to be found on Into the Flow. The primary genres are rock, pop, folk, blues, and funk. But I also want to break into the Nashville songwriter scene, so I’m writing country songs as well. My ultimate dream is to have either Little Big Town or Keith Urban record one of my songs!).

I hope that this request finds you healthy and living the life you want. If not, I hope that you’re headed in that direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help you can offer. This is a lifelong dream of mine, and it feels great to be pursuing it at age 66!

In love and gratitude,

Jeff Spoden

P.S. Please post something on your FB, Instagram, and Twitter accounts about the album. Ask your friends to listen to the songs and see if they might like to support the effort!

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