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The Songs

Into the Flow will contain twelve songs, four of which can be listened to below. These songs have elements of all the genres that are important to me: rock, folk, country, blues, and a little bit of funk. Though I've loved all kinds of music for 60 years, my heart really lies with the poets: Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen. I love words and how powerful they can be when laced into the right music. All of the songs begin with words and then I search for the right melody. Sometimes it comes with a guitar in my hand, but it can take shape just as easily in the shower or pulling weeds in my garden.

These are really rough demos. The finished products will have much stronger lead vocals, some sweet harmony voices, and a lot more guitar. They will all be tighter and more professional!

The Only Thing I Want To See
Who, What, Where, When, and Why

The Only Thing I Want To See

Lyrics and music by Jeff Spoden


V1: I’ve seen the Golden Gate and I’ve seen China’s wall

            I’ve seen Paris, Machu Picchu, and               the Taj Mahal

            But the last thing that I see won’t be              some far-off place

             I want to be at home gazing into                   your loving face


V2: I’ve seen the Southern Cross and I’ve seen the northern lights

The Mona Lisa, Guernica, and Vincent’s Starry Night

            Beauty echoes beauty as the artists                all give chase

But the eye of this beholder finds it right there in your face



                  When I finally leave behind all                         my earthly toil

Blood and bones dissolve into the cool and patient soil

                 Just before my soul flows out to                      find its place

        The only thing that I really want to see is            your sweet face

V3: I’ve seen human kindness that made me want to weep

   I’ve seen greed and cruelty that wouldn’t   

let me sleep

         Joy and disappointment bind the           human race

       The best this world can offer is written        on your face


Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2020  Jeffrey Spoden

Who, What, Where,   

When and Why

Lyrics by Jeff Spoden

Music by Kate Vargas, Eric McFadden, and Jeff Spoden

V1: I thought I knew all about life

I thought I knew the rules

But, girl, ever since you left me

I don’t know what the hell to do

There are so many answers

That I’m tryin’ hard to find

To those simple one-word questions

That are hammering my mind


I’m askin’....


Chorus I without you?

What....can I do or say?

Where....When....and How....will I forget you?

Why....Why....Why....did you go away?


V2: Well, I’d been down to your end

Of the bar a time or ten

But no woman ever made me

Feel like a little boy again

I was drinking all your Kool-aid

While you were slammin’ shots of Jack

Now all I see are the tail lights

Of your lime-green Cadillac


And I’m askin….


Repeat Chorus



Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

I got the down and dirty blues

From all them Ws

Who, What, Where, When, and Why?


Repeat Chorus



 Copyright 2019    Jeffrey Spoden

Father and Son.jpg
The Thing You Never Taught Me
Into the Flow

The Thing You Never

Taught Me

Lyrics by Jeff Spoden

Music by Kate Vargas, Eric McFadden, and Jeff Spoden

V1: Sittin here beside you

You ain’t got much time left

But Daddy, know that we’re all here

When you take that final breath

And man, I got to tell you

I don’t know what to say or do

Because the thing you never taught me

Was how to say Goodbye to you


V2: You taught me the difference

Between being loud and being strong

                 In this age of “I don’t care” and                  “What the hell”

You showed me right from wrong

You taught me it’s a foolish man

Who thinks he’s always right

You showed me when to walk away

When to stand my ground and fight



Oh, Daddy
Tell me what to do

‘Cause the thing you never taught me

Was how to say Goodbye to you


V3: You taught me how to fix my car

Bait a hook and fire a gun

You taught me no job was finished

Until all the work was done

From the way you treated Mama

As a partner, friend, and wife

I learned how to love one woman

Until the last day of my life


V4: Daddy, if you could speak right now

You’d know just what to say

You’d know how to help us all

Watch our loved one pass away

I need one last lesson

Before this day is through

Because the thing you never taught me

Was how to say Goodbye to you


Repeat Chorus


Copyright 2019    Jeffrey Spoden

Into the Flow

Lyrics and music by Jeff Spoden

V1: Water falls when the clouds get ready

Water runs from the river to the sea

Water touches every corner of creation

Water flows through you and me


V2: Love holds a mother and her baby

Love lives inside the heart of the world

Love touches every corner of creation

Love flows through every boy and girl



I don’t know what happens when I die

Don’t really care where my soul might go

You’ll probably find it down by the bank of the river

About to ease into......into the flow


We call it faith when we believe what we can’t see

Into the current of something greater than me….greater that me!


V3: Courage colors every heart that’s open

Courage stands with every freedom fight

Courage touches every corner of creation

Courage flows through every long, dark night


 Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2020   Jeffrey Spoden

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