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Big Thanks!

I'm so grateful to the excellent musicians who believed in this endeavor, and wanted to help out. Most are gigging musicians with full-time jobs, so their "extra" time for projects such as this was just about nil. Huge thanks and love to all of them!

Peter Hicks: What started out as vocal lessons quickly turned to “making an album” lessons. He provided piano, guitar, vocals, sound mixing, and every other aspect of production in his EXODEYE studio. This album is as much his as mine!

Rick Lilly: A superb guitar player, Rick has played with many well-known artists. He helped me start the process of taking rough ideas and turning them into good songs.

Mac Akin: Mac gigs with a number of groups around the Bay Area, and is a terrific bass player. His funky, world-beat groove on Into the Flow is my favorite part of that song.

Jason Agustin: As becomes wonderfully obvious on our demos, Jason is a pro on the violin. We sometimes just stood there with our jaws on the floor, marveling at his virtuosity.

Mike Gay: Is always gigging somewhere – regularly with a great Beatles cover band called Hey, Jude. He’s also a friend, who’s son Zak was a student of mine and a baseball/basketball teammate of my son Sam.

Scott Herbert: A friend for 30 years, Scotty gave me encouragement as I was beginning to put this together. He connected me to Kate and Eric, and gave me ideas about album promotion. He produces music shows around Fort Bragg/Mendocino and other spots in Northern California.

Kate Vargas and Eric McFadden: Kate is a talented singer-songwriter with several albums to her credit. Eric is one of the best guitarists on earth (no exaggeration!) and has something like 15 albums to date. They wrote the music to three of my lyric sheets, and I’m grateful to them.

Billy Shaub: A student of mine my first year at Northgate, and leader of that school’s all-time best rock band, The Field Mice. Billy gigs around CC County, and actually wrote the music for two of my songs. I wish he’d done more!

Jen Barnes: A former student at Northgate High, we connected on Facebook, and she jumped in to sing back-up vocals. She also brought along members of her former band, Mad River, and gave me sound advice about how to make the album.

Rob: A fellow Dead Head and an awesome conga player. Rob made it up from San Jose a couple of times, which I appreciated immensely.

Meg Crowell: An excellent songwriter who wrote most of the material for Field Trip, Mad River’s album, Meg sang back-up and had many suggestions about how to make Into the Flow songs better.

Steve Eckert: Steve has been a good friend for many years, we’ve been in countless singalongs and jams together, and he has always supported my musical aspirations. He gigs around with his bluegrass band and a rock cover band called 5150 (appropriate for a group made up of therapists and social workers!).

Jackson Browne: The most important influence on my songwriting, I’ve loved Jackson for years, have admired his social/environmental activism, have used his political songs in history classes, have seen him in concert at least 20 times, and chose one of his songs as the first dance at Steph and my wedding!

Stephanie Baer-Spoden: The other major player at said wedding, and my partner for 37 years. She loves music as much as I do, and has been very supportive of my work on Into the Flow. She also nudges me lovingly toward being a better  partner and better human being. (She also happens to be the inspiration for more than a few of my songs!

Kevin Davis: My colleague for years and one of my best friends. He and I have played a lot of music together, and I’ve admired the speed with which he’s become a very good guitar player.

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